Nature’s Best Health Products wanted to find and attract new customers to their recently launched sports site, but were wary of using affiliates after experiencing fraudulent activity in the past.


We knew that the client’s business model would lend itself well to affiliates and that the channel had the potential to be a lucrative revenue stream for them. By working closely with Nature's Best, we developed a small scale affiliate trial programme for their new sports site to demonstrate the potential of the channel to drive new customers and revenue. We set up a robust programme and built in different levels of commission based on customer type and product.
This allowed us to incentivise new customers and promote key products in line with business goals. The trial was very successful so, working with Nature’s Best, we started to increase the programme and within a year they were using affiliate marketing to promote their entire website.
Over the past 12 months further implementation of display retargeting through affiliate has helped us to continue to grow revenue alongside tactical tenancy based exposure with cashback sites and increased communication with partner affiliates.


  • 106% increase in revenue since launching the programme across the full site
  • 101% increase in new customers YoY
  • 15% decrease in cost per acquisition