Hearst Content Agency and ASDA and George required reactive, actionable consumer insights to enhance their social content and product prioritisation work. We needed to provide detailed consumer demand and behaviour insights to support.


This was a job for our Search & Social Listening product. We got under the skin of ASDA and George customers, finding out what they need, engage with and consider on-trend…

Search listening insights shone a light on consumer behaviour and demand, telling us both what our audience were searching for and when.

Social trend insights showed us how audiences were discussing relevant information, allowing us to see social nuances and trending conversations that may not yet have been picked up in search analysis. This helped inform social content focuses, as well as feeding into future keyword research and content planning by identifying more ‘reactive’ topics.

Combined, this holistic approach informed us of popular topics, key engagement triggers and any niche, unmet audience needs to increase the relevancy and reactivity of ASDA and George’s social and editorial content.

This research was rounded up into neat, actionable reports filled with recommendations – from organic and paid social platform best practice and customer sentiment, to key content themes and messages to convey. These fed directly into ASDA and George’s content plans, and we reported on the great results we saw off the back of our recommendations.


  • ASDA has seen a whopping 594% increase in engagement on Pinterest

  • 750% increase in engagement on Twitter between September and November as a result of an organic social content recommendation.

  • George’s Pinterest following grew by 29% and Instagram 16%

  • ASDA’s Instagram following grew by 11% and Pinterest 8%